Evergreen Community Charter School is a learning community committed to the pursuit of excellence in holistic education of mind, body, and spirit. We prepare students for successful lifelong learning, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and service. We value the voice of every member of our community.


Working in partnership with parents, elders, and the community, Evergreen Community Charter School offers an academically challenging, developmentally appropriate, experiential, holistic, child-centered education to all young people. We nurture a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime as we challenge our community to discover their individual gifts, to honor their inner worth, to strive for excellence, to pursue respectful and ethical relationships with themselves and others, and to find their own path of service.

Welcome to our community

EL Education

We are grounded in the EL Education standards for student achievement and share the belief that engaging students in work that is challenging, adventurous, and meaningful results in authentic and deep learning and achievement. By finding complex, rigorous ways to engage with the local community and the natural world, our students achieve more than they thought possible, becoming reflective, active contributors to building a better world.

Our Approach to Learning



Evergreen Fund 

The Evergreen Fund is our annual giving campaign that directly supports the development of each student’s educational experience. As a public charter school we receive some state and local funding, but we need your help to make up the difference of $400 more per student.