AIG At Evergreen

The AIG program has been serving the needs of students at Evergreen since 2008. The program is overseen by the AIG Advisory Committee of the Board of Directors and AIG Coordinator Cameron Brantley. The program is staffed by AIG Teacher Fynn Crooks.

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AIG goes above and beyond the traditional academically gifted program model in which students are pulled out of their regular classrooms for a specified period each week or placed in academically gifted classes from one year to the next. Additionally, AIG provides teachers, students, and families with the resources, rationale, and support to serve the special academic needs of students who are especially motivated, intelligent, and high performing. These services are provided in the regular classroom through differentiation, through student/adult partnerships with the AIG Coordinator, another teacher, or a community member. The goal is to match AIG to individual students rather than the students to AIG.

The AIG Coordinator will also conduct informational meetings for parents about AIG as well as topics specific to gifted and talented education (characteristics and types of giftedness, social and emotional considerations, and at-home strategies).