Progress Update
September 2019

In an effort to further Evergreen’s work toward our strategic priority of creating a racially and ethnically diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, we introduced the concept of “Beyond 20” to our parent volunteers. Beyond 20 encourages parents to exceed our volunteer expectations (i.e. 2 hours per month for the 10 months school is in session) and to do so at partner organizations. There are many opportunities in the larger Asheville, Buncombe County, and Western NC communities for volunteers to support marginalized families and youth. In doing so, we hope to build trust and rapport. Volunteer opportunities will be posted here, on social media, and in The Scoop.

Progress Update
May 2019

During Evergreen’s strategic planning process, it was recognized that diversity and inclusion were a top strategic priority for our school during the next three years. The Equity Leadership Team was charged a great deal of responsibility for achieving the desired results for this priority, which include:

Increase ethnic/racial diversity in Evergreen student body

  • We developed and presented a proposal for weighting the lottery for economic diversity the Board of Directors.

  • The proposal was approved by the Board and, after approval from the State Board of Education, will take effect during the 2020 lottery.

Remove other structural barriers to ethnic/racial diversity at our school

  • We have developed and are implementing a food program that provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks to students in need.

  • We are exploring cost-effective ways to provide students with bus transportation to and from school.

Conduct a diversity assessment for classroom libraries and the school library to ensure that they include sufficient numbers of quality books with positive portrayals of characters of color.

  • A rating rubric has been created and teachers will have scheduled time for the audits next year.

Community outreach, including offering organized support to people of color at community events.

  • We created an equity web page on our main website that provides public access to equity resources, ELT meeting schedules, local workshops, and Asheville community events

  • We partnered with a local equity advocate, coach, and community development professional to complete an audit of our main website and social media channels to assess gaps in representation, the visibility of equity efforts, and the accessibility of information about the school.  

  • We had a Bike Tune Up Day at during a local community center “Funday” that included bike repairs, tune-ups, giveaways, and a bike track.

Provide Racial Equity Trainings for staff, board, parents, and students.

Evergreen used the $5,000 Tipping Point grant that we received from Buncombe County as follows:

  • A third Racial Equity Training for staff, faculty, board, and parents

  • Equity in Action in Education ongoing professional development for faculty and staff

  • My Place in Race, a racial equity training for middle school students from Evergreen and seven other schools.

Creating Greater Equity at Evergreen

One of Evergreen's aspirations is to design and nurture a community that is inclusive, equitable, and supportive of students and families regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, economic status, physical and mental abilities, religious values, or political affiliations.

Foremost in our work at this time is to create greater racial equity at our school. We recognize that charter schools, regardless of intention, have directly contributed to school resegregation and we strive to identify and eliminate the role our school plays in this injustice. As we work together, we hope that students, staff, and parents become advocates for social justice in all its forms.

Evergreen's Equity Leadership Team (ELT) provides resources that support our community in moving toward greater cultural and racial equity. We welcome new members who would like to be involved in this process. If you are interested or want more information, please contact the ELT at

We are launching an initiative
towards diversity and inclusion
by making these commitments:

  • Acknowledging racial and other discriminatory incidents as they occur and deal with them openly and forthrightly while still safeguarding privacy.

  • Increasing the number of books in the library and classrooms that include diverse characters and that teach about cultural and racial equity.

  • Developing a racial equity curriculum with accompanying lesson plans for Evergreen teachers as well as to share with other schools.

  • Publicizing racial equity events and resources in our newsletter.

  • Developing relationships with local community organizations that have built trusted connections with black folks and people of color.

  • Identifying and eliminating structural barriers to cultural and racial equity at our school.

  • Building a deeper racial equity analysis by holding further racial equity training for Evergreen staff, teachers, parents and students.

  • Recruiting Evergreen Board, committee, and staff members who will help us move toward the goal of racial equity.

Upcoming Events

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