What is Title I Tutoring?

Title I Tutoring consists of supplemental (extra) instructional lessons or support services that help students "catch up" in math and reading.

Who receives Title I Tutoring?

While it's possible that any student at Evergreen could receive services, the extra support is directed toward students with the greatest academic need.

Where does Title I funding come from?

Title I is a federally funded government program that was established back in the mid-1960's (under a different name) to provide additional opportunities for young people to succeed.

How will I know if my child is receiving services?

A permission slip will be sent home to notify the family of proposed services for any student being considered for tutoring.

When do students receive Title I help?

Services can be provided anytime throughout the school day during times when the child is not receiving regular classroom instruction.  Students can even receive services before and after school.

Who provides Title I services?

Jen Watkins is the Title I Coordinator and tutor for 3rd-5th grades and some middle school students.  She works with students in reading and math and helps in classes during math instruction.
Rose Goldfarb is the tutor for K-2nd grades. She also works with students in reading and math and helps in classes during reading and math instruction.

Marni Frugé provides Title I tutoring for other middle schoolers.

What are some examples of the kinds of interventions children receive?

Students may receive one-on-one or small group instruction for a particular math concept, reading strategy or writing skill that they may not have yet mastered. Tutoring sometimes focuses on fundamental skills such as decoding and fluency in reading and spelling.

Where does Title I tutoring take place?

Students receive additional instruction in Jen or Rose's classrooms. Other times, students may receive instructional support in the classroom.

How is it determined that a student may need tutoring?

Evergreen has a “Care Team” in which teachers, Title I Staff, and administrators work together to find ways to meet the needs of all students.  When the Care Team feels that a child would benefit from instruction beyond current classroom interventions, a permission for Title I Tutoring is sent home and tutoring services begin after permission is granted.