Alumni, Parents, & Grandparets

“I was a lucky kid and got to attend from kindergarten to eighth grade. This school made me who I am today and I love it! It's a fantastic place with good values and amazing teachers.” - Claire Barrett

“What an amazing school; I am so lucky I got to attend for nine years. Four years after leaving, I still miss it all the time. '“  - Rachel Laity

“I have had grandchildren there since our now 10th grader was in Kindergarten and she has five siblings. With the many Grandparents day events, newsletters, and enthusiasm of the grandchildren, I feel that I know Evergreen. I tell everyone that I wish that every child had the opportunity to learn in such a wonderful environment. There is a feeling of love, respect and learning at Evergreen, Nature, Environment and a sense of wonder.” - Brenda Brinkley Byrd

“My family couldn't be happier with Evergreen! We are loved and supported, and there is a wonderful sense of community. Our child has grown leaps and bounds since the beginning of the school year, and I know it's because Evergreen is such terrific place to learn!” - Katie Wilson

“An amazing community for children and parents to connect and grow and allow our children’s minds to flourish in their own unique ways.” – Heather Miller

“Small size, focus on environmental stewardship and education, friendliness, passion and competency of administration, staff and teachers and before and aftercare workers; leadership; parental involvement and commitment; accommodations for gifted and talented kids starting from the beginning.” - Susan Clark Muntean

“The teachers must be doing something right. My daughter was just counting down the days until school starts again not because she is sad summer is ending, but because she can't wait to go back!” - Bekah Hubschman

After School Program

“EverAfter is incredible, and I've had conversations with new parents who are blown away at the quality of programming after school offers. My girl has gotten to experience things that otherwise would have been impossible to hone her skills at with our current schedule and budget (ropes, climbing), and there is still more she's ready to delve into (improv, snow sports, mountain biking). We love it! Thank you sincerely for all the hard work and time and love you put into making this program awesome. It really shows!! You rock!” - Summer Whelden

Broader Community

"I don't have any experience with the school [Evergreen], but I can tell you that all of the children I've encountered who attend there have been wonderful examples of good citizenship and inclusivity. 9 times out of 10, if a child comes up to *****  to ask if she wants to play - and does so in a way that doesn't treat her any differently than any other kid on the playground - inevitably, I find out they attend Evergreen. If I were to put ****** in public school, it would be there. They're teaching and raising excellent future adults." - Recent Support Group Attendee