Evergreen Summer Adventure 2016 Registration

Register for ESA 2016, select which week(s) to attend, and provide health and contact information.

Every camper must sign up for Enrichment Classes for the weeks they are attending. There are different versions of the form for Kindergarten thru 3rd grade, and for students 4th grade and up.

K-3 Enrichment Class Sign-Up

4-9 Enrichment Class Sign-Up

Click here to download your Information Packet.

Forms, forms, we can get to know you and your children, and experience fun and safe adeventures with eveyrone. Now available in one convenient package!


Registration Fee - $30 per family

Weekly Attendance Fee - $225 ($195 for Evergreen Students)


All activities, including classes, are included in the weekly fee.

Evergreen Summer Adventure's payment policy requires families pay the Registration fee of $30 per family within 2 weeks of registration, and weekly camp fees 7 days before the start of each week.