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Announcements for 2018-2019:  We are looking forward to updating the pictures with our current Kindergarten students.  Volunteer needed to take action pictures one PE class to get us started.  

Other Kindergarten parent volunteer jobs: paperwork shuffle help in the equipment room with Sportfolios, assistance with yoga & gymnastics class instruction (40 min. classes), long & short jump rope assistance (10 min. sections throughout the year), researching inspirational 3 minute videos for athletic motivation,  weekly class assistant (40 min. classes), push-up assistance (10 min. sections throughout the year), basketball shooting & throwing assistance.

Donations neededclear plastic sleeves for binders, erasers for pencils, koosh balls, pencils, smaller grippy footballs, dry erase spray, small basketballs

Class of 2027

PE is on Tuesday for Heather's HR and Friday for Cathe's HR from 1:50-2:30.

Fundamental body movements are the building blocks necessary for more complex physical activities.  Playing sports, exercising, and dancing all require a command of simple fundamental body movements.

Let us show you how we learn...

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Locomotor Skills 

These are movements where the body travels through space from one location to another. Locomotor movements primarily use the feet  for support however, the body can travel on other parts such as the hands and feet.

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Non Locomotor Skills

Bending, swaying, turning, twisting, rocking back and forth - these are all called non locomotor skills.  We stay in one space and gain command of our bodies in a different way.  A hula hoop helps us lock our feet in place and move our hips.

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We teach body awareness through deep breathing, self-regulating, and calmly acknowledging our state of consciousness.   A major highlight of learning to exercise is recognizing the way it makes us feel.  

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Opposite Foot Forward

It's essential to start with good habits.  Placing the opposite foot forward helps if we train the muscle memory when we are young.  

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Being a Leader and a Follower

During each class we perform warm-ups and stretches.  The first person in line chooses the activity and the others follow.  This trade of leading and following is intentional; everyone does both roles during this section. 

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Manipulative Skills

We learn and practice the basics of throwing, catching, rolling, volleying, striking, bouncing, dribbling, and trapping equipment.  

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Growth Mindset

Most folks think you are either born with athletic ability or you are not.  This is a myth.  You train your muscles,  brain, and your mindset.  We take short segments of class to learn the self-talk of an athlete.

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Our Bodies Our Selves

We integrate with the first expedition that involves self-smart, body-smart, and nature-smart.   Learning to understand our own abilities is key.