“The sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.”

 “The way we do things around here.”

Project Overview

The Evergreen Culture Preservation Project will be the work of volunteers who submit, create, and organize digital documents that explain our culture. The Evergreen Culture Archive will include digital documents, which can be written explanations (text), photos, videos, scanned drawings or diagrams, and photos or scans of examples. They can also include written or audio/video recordings of the stories we tell about our school. For example, the stories of the office park days, the stories of legendary trips, or the stories of our garden development.

How You Can Help

Communications Person to field questions, update the community on progress, send requests for help as needed, communicate successful completion of the project.

 Tech Savvy Person to create a depository for our digital documents.

 Logistics Person to distribute list of documents needed, identify specific individuals with access to certain documents, and keep track of documents collected.

 College/University Liaison to ascertain partnership opportunities with anthropology professors/students and videography professors/students.

 Video Collage Coordinator to work on the creation of an Evergreen Culture video that collates samples of the digital documents collected.

 Story Collector to facilitate the telling and recording of key stories.

 Editor to proof and edit text of submitted documents.

For more information contact:

Susan Mertz, Executive Director

To sign up to help, please click here


 We have a “living” list of our beliefs, rituals, and customs. We have also identified the kinds of documents that we want to collect for each item on the list. For example, we want the text from our handbook that names our core beliefs; videos of Graduation and Moving Up ceremonies; photos of products from Exhibition Night; a scan of the Spirit Paddle painting. 


Feb. 2016 – Announce project; fill key positions; create depository

Feb. - May 2016 – Collect and organize digital documents; collect stories; establish partnership and process for Video Collage

Aug. – Nov. 2016 – Create Video Collage

Dec. 2016 – Project completion and “reveal”