Our learning community is inspired by a love of children and a commitment to the greater good, both of which form our decisions and our practice.  As a school community, we share beliefs about teaching and learning.

We believe that the Evergreen Community should...


  • Embrace diversity as it supports children and other members in discovering their inherent self-worth and developing their individual gifts.


  • Inspire students to be self-directed learners, with the ability and desire to follow paths of inquiry, seek knowledge and understanding, think critically, communicate effectively, act creatively and responsibly.


  • Foster understanding of, respect for, and responsibility toward the natural world.


  • Encourage students to take risks in setting and achieving goals, to strive for their personal best, and to make healthy choices.


  • Nurture the development of caring and compassionate community members through self-reflection, service to others, relationship building, and collaboration.


  • Provide a safe environment and small learning groups that invite children to become integral members of the classroom, where caring adults and peer mentors help to ensure the progress of each child.


  • Challenge students to make meaningful connections and grasp the big picture through a hands-on, project-based, integrated curriculum that fosters motivation and responsibility for learning.