Looking for Fall Clubs? Please read this first.


While Daily Care is our backbone, EverAfter Clubs is the showpiece. Aligned roughly with Evergreen’s academic trimesters, we organize new club offerings in the fall, winter, and spring. Clubs are organized by day of the week, and typically last for 9 weeks. Clubs, like the rest of the EverAfter progam, are now open to all elementary and middle school-aged children.


Wolfpack Sports are offered alongside EverAfter Clubs, and are Evergreen’s interscholastic sports program. Our 5th and 6th graders cooperatively compete with several local schools in the league we helped found, The Hospitality League. 7th and 8th graders will compete against teams made up of Evergreen Alumni as well as occasional games against more competitive schools. While EverAfter Clubs are open to the community, Wolfpack Sports are available only to Evergreen students.


Adventure Team activties are clubs with an outdoor, adventurous theme. For 2015-2016, High Ropes Course, Mountain Biking and Ski/Snowboarding are already planned, and at least one more is in the works. Adventure Team clubs may at times be limited to Evergreen students only, depending on the activity. Costs will also vary with each Adventure Team club.


All of these special activities are extensions of the EverAfter daily program. Kids signed up for clubs participate in the daily routine (see the Daily Care page!), but split off from the rest of their age group to participate, and then rejoin the group once the club is over. While activity times are listed with club descriptions, please note that participating students are welcome to stay until EverAfter closes at 6:00 P.M.


On club days, parents do not pay a daily fee; the full cost of attendance for those days is covered by the club fee. Pickup procedures also follow the policies as described on the FAQ page.


Clubs and Sports

The cost of most EverAfter Clubs for the 2015-2016 school year is $120 for Evergreen students, $130 for those joining us from the Asheville community. 2-day Wolfpack Sports cost $190 and are open only to Evergreen middle schoolers. Our newly-created Adventure Team activities are open to everyone, but have costs specific to the activity.


Before signing up for clubs, students must first be registered for the program, and parents must be current on their balances with the Evergreen Business Office.





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Need-to-know dates for Fall Clubs:

  • Mondays: Swimming ends November 16th. Mountain Biking ends November 23rd. The rest end November 9th.

  • Tuesdays: For the Love of Paint ends November 10th. Flipping into Fall ends November 24th, other clubs end November 3rd. Wolfpack Football still has final dates TBD due to makeup games.  

  • Wednesdays: Final day in November 18th, except Golf which will also meet on December 2nd. Remember, no clubs on Fall Family Night (Oct. 14th) or Veteran's Day (Nov. 11th).

  • Thursdays: Final day in December 3rd. Remember, no clubs on Fall Family Night (Oct. 15th), Teacher work day/Conference Day (Nov. 5th), or on Thanksgiving.

  • Fridays: Final day is December 11. No clubs on non-school days (Oct 16th and Nov. 27th) or noon dismissal days (Oct. 30th and Nov. 20th).


We're excited to annouce 2015 EverAfter Fall Clubs!


The links below show club offerings for each day of the week. There you will find club descriptions, instructor photos, grade levels and times. Fall Clubs will last 9 sessions, and start after the Labor Day holiday, on Tuesday the 8th. Specific start and ending dates are listed on each day's page. Please note all of the no-club days on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, as the Evergreen school calendar has many special events and non-regular school days on those days of the week this fall.


Clubs cost $120 ($130 for non-ECCS students), other than the following exceptions:

  • Evergreen students have the option of two clubs on Mondays, for a cost of $150 ($180 if one of them is Mountain Biking).

  • Adventure Team and Wolfpack Sports have higher costs listed in their descriptions.


All clubs must meet a minimum enrollment in order to happen; if a club you sign up for does not meet its minimum, you will be notified with as much notice as possible.


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