Announcements for 2018-2019:  We are looking forward to updating the pictures with our current 8th grade students.  Volunteer needed to take action pictures one PE class to get us started.  

Other 8th grade parent volunteer jobs: paperwork shuffle help in the equipment room with Sportfolios, assistance with fielding sports unit (40 min. classes), volunteer for juggling instruction (10 minutes sections throughout the year), researching inspirational 3 minute videos for athletic motivation.  

Donations neededclear plastic sleeves for binders, erasers for pencils, pencils, baseball & softball gloves, 5 & 10 lb weights

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Class of 2019

PE is on Thursday for the first trimester, and Wednesday the second and third trimesters.

   11:30-12:10 and 12:20-1:00 is the schedule.


Contra Dance

As part of the Appalachian Journey Expedition in 8th grade, students practice the fundamentals of contra dancing in class.  Thanks to Beth Molaro, we learn through movement and grow an appreciation for our mountain traditions.  



8th graders take the lead in our school.  They demonstrate the morning routine in a daily practice of calisthenics.  If you can win the battle of the bed, and exercise before the school day, you are more awake, productive, and happy.  


We practice the basics of holding a bat, stance, swing, and follow through.  The incentive is to win the staff vs. student softball game in the spring.    


A program evolved from 8th grade interest and activation - morning calisthenics.  Born from 8th grade suggestions, the 10 minutes of free gym time before school starts has a middle-school invitation to exercise.  You will see students doing push-ups, sit-ups, squats, basketball, lifting weights, and running laps.  


An underhand pitch is easier said than done.  All of the fundamentals of movement are integrated: opposite foot forward, palm up, pendulum arm motion, follow through.  


Our contra integration last for 5 weeks with 2 of the weeks being direct instruction for 40 minutes.  This style of dance is made relevant to middle  students as we also take a brief look at videos of techno contra in the Asheville area.  While we compare decades of contra, we can see many similarities to celebrate.   


Kickball is an 8th grade favorite, but with a twist.  We don't enjoy standing around and waiting to move, so we play a faster-paced version that involves both teams in the action.

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We study exercise and sports in other countries.   As part of our EL Design Principles, both diversity and inclusion increase the richness of ideas, creative power, problem-solving ability, and respect for others. Students investigate and value their different histories and talents as well as those of other communities and cultures.