Class of 2020

PE is on Friday this year.

   11:30-12:10 and 12:20-1:00 is the schedule.

7th grade parent volunteer jobs: paperwork shuffle help in the equipment room with Sportfolios, assistance with invasion sport unit- hockey, lacrosse, football, ultimate, basketball (40 min. classes), volunteer for hacky sack instruction (10 minutes sections throughout the year), researching inspirational 3 minute videos for athletic motivation.  

Donations neededclear plastic sleeves for binders, erasers for pencils, pencils, footballs, 5 & 10 lb weights


Spiraling Curriculum

In third grade we learn the basics of invasion sports (the give and go, defense, getting to open space).  In fifth grade we hone in on our technique and surprise ourselves with dynamic catching skills.  In seventh grade, we are able to demonstrate complex skills in a tactical approach.  Additionally, we study all the career choices that are associated with sports - you'd be surprised! 


Core Balance

7th grade power target:  I can stay in my target heart rate during pilates, silks, and slacklining.  Thank you to Slack-Librium for bringing our studies to a whole new level!  In this grade, we are focusing on the balance of physical, emotional, social, and mental strength.  Jesse and the staff at Slack-Librium share their journey and mindfulness practice while expanding our physical capabilities.  


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Our school subscribes to a sports league that crosses gender boundaries.  On our Wolfpack Football Team, we often have a strong showing of girls.  We celebrate folks who break stereotypes in sports!   


Collaboration & Competition

We have Design Principles in EL Education that guide our practice. 

Learning how to compete with our personal best is a very large emphasis in Adventure PE.  We also acknowledge that some students take this lesson to an exemplary status and we leave a placeholder in our Sportfolios for honorary recognition.


Create a Dance

7th grade power target: I can use movement combinations in a choreographed rhythmic activity with an emphasis on keeping to the beat of the music and collaboration with a partner.



Once you realize the way you feel after exercise, you can begin to recognize the brain benefits.  We learn how movement increases our ability to process new information and can help focus before a test. 

Ideally, all students would exercise before the school day to wake their pre frontal cortex.  


Different Strokes, Different Folks

Asheville has so many options for youth sports.  Often we do not even realize how enjoyable a sport can be until we stick with it for 3+ practices.  Hockey and lacrosse create an immediate hook with some students. 


Goal Setting

 Writing down our goals creates electrical signals between the right brain, which is imaginative, and the left brain, which is literal.  Studies show we are more likely to achieve your goals if we write them down.

Personal trainers get paid to keep us accountable.  How amazing if we could learn those skills young?