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Announcements for 2018-2019:  We are looking forward to updating the pictures with our current 4th grade students.  Volunteer needed to take action pictures one PE class to get us started.  

Other 4th grade parent volunteer jobs: paperwork shuffle help in the equipment room with Sportfolios, assistance with yoga & gymnastics class instruction (40 min. classes), volunteer for juggling & hacky sack instruction (10 minutes sections throughout the year), researching inspirational 3 minute videos for athletic motivation, volunteer for lawn games instruction - horseshoes, bocce, cornhole, ladder ball, bocce (40 min. classes).

Donations neededclear plastic sleeves for binders, erasers for pencils, hacky sacks, pencils, bocce, dry erase spray

Class of 2023

PE is on Weds. for Jean's HR and Thursday for Theresa's HR for the first 2 trimesters from 9:10-9:50.

A dance troupe prepping for their final performance.  

A dance troupe prepping for their final performance.  

Being Brave

Taking on a performance mentality is important when we are creating our identity.  We discover our strengths and personas.  Fourth graders form groups and choreograph a rhythmic dance compilation to perform in front of the class.  We learn about 8-counts, beats, movement combinations, leadership, compromise, and collaboration.

Quinn keeps it away from his opponents.  

Quinn keeps it away from his opponents.  

Changes in Speed

We are full of energy when we are 9 & 10!  How do we learn to exert and conserve at the right times?  These strong students are encouraged to use more strategy to keep in a game longer and utilize technique so their endurance lasts.  We have many lessons regarding cardiovascular and muscular endurance.   

Sebla "flipping the pancake" during rackets station.  

Sebla "flipping the pancake" during rackets station.  

Hand-Eye Coordination

Ever feel like you are either born with a skill set or you're not?  We used to accept that as true.  Now research has proven that through neuroplasticity (our brain changing through time) we can teach ourselves new skill sets.  The key is having a growth mindset, positive self-talk, and committing to the practice.  


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Goal Setting

 Writing down our goals creates electrical signals between the right brain, which is imaginative, and the left brain, which is literal.  Studies show we are more likely to achieve your goals if we write them down.

Personal trainers get paid to keep us accountable.  How amazing if we could learn those skills young?  

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Once you realize the way you feel after exercise, you can begin to recognize the brain benefits.  We learn how movement increases our ability to process new information and can help focus before a test. 

Ideally, all students would exercise before the school day to wake their pre frontal cortex.   


The "Can't" Word

It's a bully.

It's contagious.  

We learn the power of words in PE.  We discover the abilities we have and discuss those who overcome disabilities.  Instead we give "60 seconds of shout-outs" to one student each class highlighting their strength.  

Sara trying out the way different golf clubs feel.  

Sara trying out the way different golf clubs feel.  

Novelty Experiences

Exposure is key - just keep trying new activities at this age.  Expect that the first 3 times will be less exciting, but stick it out anyway!  We like being "good" at activities and often avoid the ones that take more effort.  Adults can really help to encourage kids to try something until they get the hang of it before making a decision.   



Collaboration & Competition

We have Design Principles in EL Education that guide our practice. 

Learning how to compete with our personal best is a very large emphasis in Adventure PE.  We also acknowledge that some students take this lesson to an exemplary status and we leave a placeholder in our Sportfolios for honorary recognition.